Green hearts against COVID-19: Know more ZAMBASULTA’s earth warriors


7 - I CAN

The I CAN team aims to bring simple and cost-efficient solutions and innovations to health, livelihood, education, and the environment within communities through inter-sectoral participation and inter-community development.

We started in 2011 when our lead founder Dr. John Michael Dellaliarte proposed a research on the use of soda cans to disinfect contaminated water in Poblacion, Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur. 

He proposed that direct heat of the sun can eliminate Escherichia coli in the drinking waters of every household in the barangay. Waters to be disinfected were placed in clear plastic bottles which are then placed in basin-like solar reflectors that are made of soda cans. Each reflector is made out of 50 soda cans and a total of 100 solar reflectors were distributed to the families of the Barangay.

From the success of the Solar Reflector Project, I CAN created more innovative and upcycled projects for the communities around the provinces of Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi (ZAMBASULTA). 

In 2012, we were able to construct a Lying-In Center at Poblacion, Lakewood which was made out of 5,000 PET bottles. 4 years later, we constructed a Study Kiosk, at Sta Maria, Zamboanga City.

Not long after, Passion wEARTHy was launched. The project aimed to upcycle plastics, turning them into bags, raincoats, pencil cases, wallets and purses, made by our friends from the differently-abled community.  This project provided additional livelihood means to Persons with Disability (PWDs) and educational materials to the school children in communities.

With the pandemic we have right now, we are on a halt with our eco-projects. But our team is working hard to provide the needed Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and other necessities to our front liners in ZAMBASULTA. 

With the communities and institutions we have connected over the years, I CAN acted as a bridge in bringing the immediate needs to our front liners.

We try to help as much as we can, even little by little. Giving effort and doing something for others will never be put into waste. Remember, everyone CAN do something great. You just have to START. (by Dayang Bello Guevara for Kapit-Mindanao)

The #SKLSeries (Share Ko Lang) aims to share stories of hope and inspiration written by the youth beneficiaries of Kapit-Mindanao themselves.

We’re raising P1 million for 20 communications all over Mindanao. Help us reach that goal! To donate, go to now!

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